Social Responsibility

Socially Responsible Investing

Corporate Social Responsibility is a somewhat foreign concept in Cambodia, but Angkor is changing that.  At the same time, we are providing an opportunity for investors to support a company that is focused on socially responsible investing.

Angkor’s management recognizes that industry must lead the way in assisting ‘growing a healthy country’.  That translates to Angkor using its collective experience and expertise from other countries and ensuring we don’t repeat the same mistakes in Cambodia.  Instead, industry should make every effort to improve the conditions for the people and to protect the environment.    To build a healthy country and move an ethical industry forward in the mineral sector means we must undertake activities to improve education, health, and economic opportunities that benefit the citizens of Cambodia.  We must, at production stages, provide the governments with a continuing revenue stream they can put into infrastructure.  We must undertake activities in such a manner to protect the land, air, and waterways and we must share the value of any industry with all the stakeholders – the local residents, the government, the NGOs and industry itself.  That is what defines our social license – that is our Corporate Social Responsibility.   And it can only be achieved by working in a collaborative collective effort with all the stakeholders.