Social Responsibility Projects

We have undertaken several projects under our mandate to do better business in Cambodia.  They are a core part of our business philosophy.

Demo Farm

Angkor Gold has utilized a vacant lot in the city of Banlung to demonstrate alternative farming practices to local farmers.  Our goal is to utilize this small parcel of land to show that we can increase the agricultural productivity of the land using low cost improvements.  By increasing the productivity of the land, local farmers can boost their family incomes as well as providing a healthy diet for their families.


Training Center

Education is a key component for the young people of the community to advance.  With the donation of twenty computers from an Angkor Gold shareholder, we have created a training center that offers computer and English classes.  These programs are taught three times per day to different classes when students are not in standard school classes by two Khmer teachers.  We recently celebrated our first graduating class from the center and will be expanding subject matter for additional workshops at the center.  Each semester reaches 240 students to increase their skill sets and give them better opportunity for employment.  We welcome volunteers and our Angkor Gold team to assist in instruction – the students really appreciate greater input and learn from hearing foreigners speak with various accents.


First Aid Projects

Our journey to teach communities basic first aid was inspiring.  With the assistance of shareholders and volunteers who donated their time, we hosted several first aid classes with the help of a translator.  Our classes covered basic first aid and CPR.  Many community members had no idea that these practices existed and felt empowered going forward.

Sewing Projects

Angkor Gold uses thousands of sample bags in our exploration activities and management saw this as an opportunity to empower local women in the indigenous village of Phum Syarung.  Our team trained four local women to sew sample bags; they generated their own income and Angkor Gold realized a cost savings on our exploration supplies.  We are thrilled with the determination these young women have shown in turning the opportunity into a small business.

Community Health Centre

Angkor Gold is very proud to have built a health center in the Talou commune in the province of Pursat.  The health center will provide medical services to a community of over 20,000 that previously had little access to health facilities.  As the first of its kind in the area, Angkor Gold went a step further and partnered with non-profit groups in Canada to equip the clinic with medical supplies.

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