Andong Meas

Andong Meas is located is 50 kilometres east of the provincial capital Banlung along a paved highway. Andong Meas Exploration License has always been an attractive property for mineral exploration based on the intensity of historical and recent artisanal workings.

Angkor Resources has worked significant portion of the tenement and identified several prospects.  Canada Wall is a copper/gold/molybdenum porphyry system.  Wild Boar, situated several kilometres to the east of Canada Wall, is an epithermal gold vein system.  Gossan Hills sits about two kilometres south of Canada Wall and appears to be a skarn with copper and rare earth elements indicated.  South Creek is further south yet and hosts additional copper /molybdenum mineralization.

The 118 km2 exploration license has demonstrated to have a lot of potential for developing porphyry style mineralization and epithermal vein systems related to precious metal deposition. The host rock unit is the Andong Meas granitoid complex (granodiorite/granite) located in the centre of the license and elongated northwest to southeast. This intrusive complex has been intruded by multiple events of younger intrusive rocks which generated copper-molybdenum mineralization as well as quartz vein systems with gold mineralization.

The entire license area has been the subject of an aeromagnetic survey, satellite imagery geological interpretation, with reconnaissance field truth mapping and multi-element stream sediment geochemical survey, taking samples from catchments of roughly 1km² extents. These efforts highlighted several areas as specific targets for further more intensive work. A follow-up reconnaissance termite mound geochemical survey was undertaken, coupled with more detailed geological reconnaissance mapping. These latter surveys were ones of simple trail walking, recording data and collecting samples as opportunity presented itself. In addition, two areas were singled out for special attention. The one prospect, Wild Boar, is an area of intensive artisanal workings on several subparallel epithermal veins. These workings have been cleaned, sampled and surveyed. An area of 1km² has been the subject of a detailed termite mound geochemical survey (800 samples) on a 200m x 200m grid. A detailed geological mapping program is currently underway, with a concurrent VLF-EM survey over the workings area, Extensive artisanal workings, including an illegal open pit mine occur over the area known as Canada Wall prospect. These have been exhaustively sampled, and ground magnetic survey undertaken over the immediate vicinity of the workings, followed by a VLF-EM survey and detailed mapping and a reflected light spectroscopic survey of clay alteration has been done. A program of 3 diamond drill scout holes, totalling 521m was drilled on the prospect. These showed exceptionally high molybdenum, tungsten and silver levels. Exploration is ongoing.