Angkor has been working in the Kingdom of Cambodia since 2009.  In that time we have seen the Cambodian government implement and upgrade infrastructure and undertake improvements that attract industry. These undertakings include upgrades to highway conditions, access to hydro power from Vietnam, and adoption of Anti-Corruption Laws in 2010, all making Cambodia very mineable and appealing for developing natural resource projects of all types.  These improvements extend to the establishment of the Cambodian Association for Mining and Exploration Companies (CAMEC). Angkor is proud to be a member of this organization recognized by the Cambodian government and promotes a responsible and sustainable mining industry in Cambodia.

Cambodia boasts:

  • Resource-rich geology
  • Stable, investment-friendly government
  • In excess of 7% GDP growth for past 3 years
  • Favourable mining policies
  • Accessible & Mineable Topography
  • Available & Motivated labor force